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Labor law for companies and working foreigners  in Poland.

Obligations of the employer and employee in the scope of employed foreigners, posting of workers to work in the territory of the EU

The Hanna Malanchyn company provides advisory services and help at every stage of the proceedings in the field of labor law provisions regarding the employment of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland and the delegation of employed foreigners / employees to the territory of the EU. Our main specialization is legal services in the field of legal stay and legal employment of foreigners on the territory of Poland and the EU delegation, company and temporary employment agencies employing foreigners posting workers abroad to Germany and other EU countries. We provide services in and around Warsaw, legal advice and online e-advice. We encourage you to contact us by phone. We can certainly help.

Prawo Pracy dla firm i cudzoziemców pracujących w Polsce: Service

Services provided for employers of companies employing foreigners and foreigners

  • Comprehensive service for business entities, zoo and other companies, as well as natural persons in the field of employing foreigners.

  • Advice and services related to the legalization of work and stay of foreigners on the basis of the provisions of the Act on foreigners,  and regulations regarding the employment of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland

  • Representation before Voivodship Offices and Poviat Labor Offices in the field of obtaining ABCDE work permits, and extensions of work permits, declarations on entrusting work, information from the starost, preparation and analysis of employment contracts and necessary documents, editing  e.t.c.

  • Ongoing advice and a detailed analysis of the situation of future employees.

  • Fulfilling the information obligations required by the above-mentioned offices,

We provide comprehensive legal services to business entities as well as natural persons. Legal services for Polish citizens and companies  and foreigners is aimed at avoiding unnecessary costs of proceedings and striving for an efficient and effective solution of the legal problem that has arisen as soon as possible.
provides services in three languages:
- Polish language,
-Ukrainian language
-Russian language
People communicating in the above-mentioned languages can get the service without a language barrier enabling the communication of information on a clearer, understandable  and more pleasant, which can significantly speed up the settlement of the matter. 

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