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Commercial Law of the Commercial Companies Code 

Experience. Knowledge. Professionalism. Results.

We provide services:

Our law firm provides services to entrepreneurs, establishing companies, branches, representative offices, foundations, cooperatives and associations. We participate in the processes of merger, division and transformation of companies, as well as their liquidation. Prepared legal analyzes.

  • activities related to the establishment and registration of companies in the National Court Register

  • activities related to the liquidation of business entities, including the submission of applications for their removal from the National Court Register

  • representation of clients before the National Court Register

  • representation of legal persons before commercial courts.

  • setting up a business, transforming a sole proprietorship into a civil partnership or commercial company,

  • establishing a civil law partnership or commercial company, transformation process, liquidation of companies (including full representation before registration courts - KRS),

  • services for the bodies of economic entities,

  • preparation of commercial agreements and contracts,

  • giving opinions on commercial agreements and contracts.

  • legal support for entrepreneurs in the field of preparation of model contracts, legal representation of parties in cases related to prohibited contractual provisions before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection.

In addition, having procedural experience in all matters of economic nature, we provide support in the course of court proceedings. 

the contract

Pursuant to article 3531 of the Civil Code
The parties concluding the contract may arrange the legal relationship at their discretion, as long as its content or purpose does not contradict the properties (nature) of the relationship, the law or the principles of social coexistence.
As stated in article 355 of the Civil Code
§ 1. The debtor is obliged to perform the generally required diligence in a given type of relationship (due diligence).
§ 2. Due diligence of the debtor in the scope of his economic activity shall be determined taking into account the professional nature of this activity.
However, in accordance with article 471 of the Civil Code
The debtor is obliged to redress the damage resulting from non-performance or improper performance of the obligation, unless the non-performance or improper performance is a consequence of circumstances for which the debtor is not responsible.
As stated in article 474 of the Civil Code
The debtor is responsible as for his own action or omission for the actions and omissions of the persons with whom he performs the obligation, as well as the persons to whom he entrusts the performance of the obligation. The above provision also applies when the obligation is performed by the legal representative of the debtor.
Source:  Journal of Laws

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