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Administrative law

it is a branch with which we come into contact every day

The law firm provides legal assistance to both entrepreneurs and natural persons. We offer professional advice, involvement in the cases and meticulousness of our lawyers. Administrative law is an area in which we have specialized for many years. We can boast of many won cases.

Przegląd przepisów

we provide services in the field of administrative law, i.e .:

  • we provide full legal advice and legal services at every stage of the case in the field of administrative law, in particular:
    proceedings for obtaining an administrative decision (including: filling in application forms, completing the required documents in the procedure, drawing up an appeal against administrative decisions and rulings, and other measures to revoke issued decisions),
    permits, permits, concessions (with particular emphasis on real estate law and construction law, the act on foreigners, the law of the marital status certificate and others),
    legal representation throughout the proceedings, before public administration and local government bodies, as well as before Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
    preparation of complaints to the voivodeship administrative court and preparation of cassation complaints, legal representation in the proceedings caused by their lodging,
      representation of the party before this authority,
    drawing up applications taking into account formal requirements set by law, perpetual usufruct - transformation.

administrative proceedings in matters concerning and others.

  • building conditions,

  • building permits / legalization of unauthorized construction,

  • preparation of construction investments and in the field of environmental protection, environmental conditions of consent for the implementation of the project, planning and spatial development,

  • determining the amount of adiacenckie fees, planning pensions and fees for perpetual usufruct,

  • on imposing fines for violating road transport regulations, occupation of a road lane and other issues related to road transport and transport as well as enforcement proceedings,

  • the scope of citizenship, population records, first names, surnames and marital status records, including matters relating to registration and deregistration,

  • construction investments of a developer, road and line nature, the construction of advertising media, the construction of mobile telephony towers,

  • release or exclusion of items from enforcement,

  • suspend enforcement activities,

  • complaints about the proceedings or enforcement activities.

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