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About the office

Experienced lawyer

Hanna Malanchyn has been providing legal services since 2018 in Warsaw, where it is known for its effectiveness. We are consistent, patient and professional. We treat clients as a priority, accompanying them at every stage of cooperation. Hanna Malanchyn Law Firm will do everything to meet your expectations. Our law firm is a modern company prepared for the challenges of the changing world - we are waiting for your call.

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Professionalism is what we can offer you in exchange for your trust "Ignorantia iuris nocet" - ignorance of the law is harmful

Individual approach to each client

We provide comprehensive legal services to business entities as well as natural persons. We provide direct contact with the client at every stage of the case  Viber / Whatsapp / Telegram telephone or e-mail with the actions taken by the lawyer and the status of the case, bearing in mind, above all, the good of the client. Legal services for Polish citizens and foreigners are aimed at avoiding unnecessary costs of proceedings and striving for an efficient and effective solution of the legal problem that has arisen as soon as possible. We provide legal advice and legal services in three languages:

- Polish language,

-Ukrainian language

-Russian language

People communicating in the above-mentioned languages can get the service without a language barrier, making the transfer of information clearer and more pleasant, which can significantly speed up the settlement of the case.  


Hanna Malanchun law firm 

Hanna Malanchun Law Firm provides professional legal services to entrepreneurs and individual clients.

The knowledge, experience and professionalism of the lawyers in the office provide legal services
in many areas of law;

  • Civil law, inheritance law, real estate law 

  • Administrative law 

  • Family law 

  • Criminal law, tax law, petty offenses, criminal and executive law.

  • Economic law and contracts

  • Legal services for companies

  •   Immigration law, foreigners

  • Archival Search

  • Medical law 

  • another

What distinguishes us from others

  • knowledge, professionalism, experience, consistency - we always act with the utmost care and in accordance with the principles of advocate ethics, thanks to our knowledge you can count on full professional legal support, we constantly train and improve our qualifications, we are up to date with the law.

  • individual approach, patience, priority - we provide individual approach to each case to meet expectations, we accompany you at every stage of cooperation.

  • reliability - our work requires honesty and meticulousness, you will find it all with us

  • speed and efficiency, punctuality - we immediately take all possible actions in the scope ordered by the client and keep you informed about the status of the case, we always fulfill the entrusted tasks on time.

  • security - we operate only on the basis of the law, we comply with the GDPR 

Hanna Malanchy

company's data

Hanna Malanchyn
Headquarters ul. International 64 m 5
03-922 Warsaw

NIP 1132708251

Payment details:
40 2490 0005 0000 4530 4073 6161
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We kindly ask you to contact us in advance to arrange a meeting, as the services are not provided at the company's premises. In order to agree a convenient location for the meeting point of the Center of Warsaw or its vicinity.

Phone +48 500-475-515 Viber / Whatsapp / Telegram

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